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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) / 3.1 Reports

In this section you will find the current safety data sheets as well as the current test certificates according to EN 10204-3.1 with declaration of conformity as of 01.01.2014. Type in the corresponding batch number and click „SEARCH“. You will find the batch number here:
  • Delivery note and invoice
  • Bulk: on the label
  • Aerosol cans: bottom of the can

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MR® 121 Magnetic Powder Concentrate MR® 131 Magnetic Powder-Concentrate MR® 131 RGF Magnetic Powder-Suspension MR® 131-R Magnetic Powder-Concentrate MR® 133-R Magnetic Powder-SuperConcentrate MR® 153 Magnetic Powder-Concentrate MR® 153 HS Magnetic Powder-Concentra MR® 153 PO Magnetic Powder-Concentra MR® 158 Magnetic Powder Concentrate MR® 158-R Magnetic Powder Concentrate MR® 158-R GF Magnetic Powder Suspension MR® 158-R K Magnetic Powder Concentrate MR® 210 Magnetic Powder black MR® 214 Magnetic Powder Composition MR® 220 Magnetic Powder-Concentrate MR® 221 Magnetic Powder-Concentrate MR® 221 GF Magnetic Powder-Suspension MR® 222 Magnetic Powder MR® 222 LC Magnetic Powder Concentrate MR® 230 Dry Powder red MR® 231 Dry Powder, grey MR® 232 Dry Powder, green MR® 233 Dry Powder, yellow MR® 234 Dry Powder, blue MR® 300 Rust Preventative MR® 302 Rust Preventative-Concentrate MR® 400 WETTING AGENT MR® 500 ANTI-FOAM EMULSION MR® 602 Bactericidal/Fungicide MR® 603 SYSTEM CLEANER MR® 71 PAINT REMOVER MR® 72 CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 72 AF CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 72 LS WHITE CONTRAST PAINT, white MR® 721 WHITE CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 725 CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 726 CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 727 CONTRAST PAINT white MR® 76 F Magnetic Powder Suspension fluorescent MR® 76 FA Magnetic Powder-Fluid MR® 76 FH Magnetic Powder-Fluid MR® 76 FR Magnetic Powder-Fluid MR® 76 S Version S Magnetic Powder Suspension black MR® 76 S Version A Magnetic Powder Suspension black MR® 76 S Magnetic Powder-Fluid – Version D MR® 76 SH Magnetic Powder-Fluid MR® 76 SR Magnetic Powder-Fluid MR® 761 F Magnetic Powder suspension fluorescent MR® 765 RF MAGNETIC POWDER SUSPENSION red and fluorescent MR® 82 Flux Oil MR® 82 AMS Flux Oil MR® 82-R Flux Oil

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Safety Data Sheet (SDS) / 3.1 Reports

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