REFLECON® 3D scanning spray Type 2 - Permanent scanning sprays

3D scanning of small parts and objects with shiny, transparent or very dark surfaces brings even the latest 3D scanning technology to its limits. This is where matting sprays such as REFLECON® 3D scanning sprays Type 2 - our non-sublimating scanning sprays - can help.

Type 2 3D scanning sprays create a matt, white powder layer when sprayed on and thus enable precise optical scanning even of these difficult surfaces. In contrast to our sublimating 3D scanning sprays, the powder layer does not evaporate, but has to be removed manually after use – cleaning, however, is easy with the help of a cloth, a brush and/or water. Use the Type 2 scanning spray for lengthy scanning processes, as the wetting on the top layer remains and does not disappear.

Achieve precise measurement results with the permanent 3D scanning spray from REFLECON®.

Our permanent scanning sprays of the product group REFLECON® TARNISH type 2

With us you will find exactly the right 3D scanning spray for your needs!  

Non-sublimating scanning sprays – the products of the REFLECON® brand

Our Tarnish product line includes two non-sublimating scanning sprays, which are available in two forms, one as a container and the other as an aerosol: Tarnish 80 and Tarnish 90. In order to be able to use the liquid from the container, you still need an additional spray gun, you can find the matching spray gun here: The basic difference between these two products: whereas Tarnish 80 is solvent-free and water-based, Tarnish 90 contains solvents. The common ground: both permanent matting sprays produce an even white wetting for optimal and precise scanning of even the most difficult surfaces. Tip: In the category of REFLECON® Tarnish – Type 2 you will also find a practical REFLECON® Tarnish 90 Piccolo Pen in addition to Tarnish 80 and Tarnish 90. It allows you to reach even difficult areas and to wet parts selectively without creating a spray mist.  

Properties of our permanent 3D scanning sprays

Titanium dioxide-free scanning sprays

Both sprays of product group type 2 are titanium dioxide free, as this substance is considered to be potentially hazardous to health. Titanium dioxide is known for its excellent optical properties and thin layer thicknesses, allowing high quality 3D laser scans. We at MR Chemie have succeeded in manufacturing products that enable flawless 3D images even without the substance titanium dioxide.  

Solvent-free or solvent-containing scanning sprays

With our two products Tarnish 80 and Tarnish 90 we offer both a solvent-free and a solvent-containing version. The solvent-free, water-based Tarnish 80 spray is pleasant to use due to its low odour. Solvent-free sprays are therefore particularly popular for interior use. Water-based products are just as hard-wearing as solvent-based products. Sprays containing solvents, such as our Tarnish 90, can be recognised by their characteristic odour. Solvent-based sprays are characterised by their universal application. We offer the Tarnish 90 spray as Aeresol, so that you can easily spray the surface to be scanned – even overhead.  

Fast drying and easy to wipe off

To ensure that the 3D scan can be carried out quickly, the non-sublimating 3D scanning sprays are quick-drying. After the scan, the permanent spray must be removed from the object. This cleaning process is easily done with the help of a cloth, a brush and/or water.  

Suitable materials for permanent scanning sprays

Non-sublimating 3D scanning sprays are suitable for different materials. These include:
  • Metals and non-metals
  • Thermoplastics such as PC, PP, PU or ABS
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • Polyester, cotton, PLA fibres
  It is up to the user to check the suitability and should be tested before use.  

Comparison of the two scanning sprays type 2

In our product overview you will find a direct comparison of the two type 2 scanning sprays. In this practical overview you will also find our other 3D scanning sprays with their respective properties and areas of application. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us at any time. We will be happy to advise you!


Objects 3D Scanning: Instructions for using our REFLECON® brand type 2 non-sublimating scanning sprays

Thoroughly clean the surface to be scanned. And allow the surface to dry completely before you start applying the matting spray.

  1. Spray the scanning spray onto the object at a distance of 20 – 30 cm.
  2. type 2 permanent scanning sprays are sprayed wet but dry very quickly. Start 3D scanning as soon as the surface has dried.
  3. After scanning, remove the white powder layer with a cloth, brush or water.


Note: If drops form, increase the distance to the surface. Working faster can also prevent the formation of drops.

At a glance: The advantages of permanent scanning sprays (type 2) of the REFLECON® brand

Please contact us if you have any questions about our non-sublimating scanning sprays or any of our other products. We will be happy to help you within an expert consultation.

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