REFLECON® 3D Scanning Spray TYPE 1 - sublimating scanning sprays

With our sublimating 3D scanning sprays type 1 of the brand REFLECON® we provide you with an excellent matting agent which enables the scanning of demanding object surfaces. Even when using the latest 3D laser technology, the use of scanning sprays is unavoidable. With our type 1 sublimating scanning spray, the white matting layer evaporates, making time-consuming cleaning of the surfaces afterwards unnecessary.

What are the two basic advantages of our type 1 sublimating 3D scanning sprays?

With the products from the REFLECON® range of sublimating scanning sprays, we enable you to scan and capture transparent, reflective, shiny or very dark to black surfaces precisely with your scanner.

Benefit from two basic advantages when using our sublimating 3D scanning sprays:


Advantage 1: The precise scanning of challenging objects

Our scanning sprays enable optical digitisation by forming a white powder layer. Even small components and objects that are difficult to scan can be captured by using a 3D scanning spray.

This is because the sublimating 3D scanning spray can

  1. the light from transparent surfaces can be reflected
  2. the light from reflecting surfaces can be focussed instead of being reflected back diffusely
  3. every smallest detail of the surface can be reflected back precisely without producing artefacts, i.e. faulty data.


Advantage 2: The independent evaporation of the matting layer

Depending on the type of product selected, type 1 scanning sprays volatilise after a few minutes or after a few hours.

The sublimating scanning sprays are therefore particularly suitable for objects with large surfaces, as there is no need to clean the objects over a large area. However, it is also recommended to use one of our sublimating scanning sprays for small components or objects with sensitive surfaces that are difficult to clean afterwards.

In addition, type 1 scanning sprays are ideal for use in rooms where strict hygiene regulations apply, such as laboratories and clean rooms.

Our sublimating scanning sprays of the REFLECON® TARNISH type 1 group

You will find exactly the right sublimating 3D scanning spray for your needs!


The different properties of our six sublimating 3D scanning sprays

We offer you six different sublimating 3D scanning sprays. All six products are equally suitable for use on black, transparent and highly reflective components and objects.

However, the sprays Tarnish 11, Tarnish 12, Tarnish 13, Tarnish 30,Tarnish 50 and TopoTrack differ in properties such as drying time, their solvent content and sublimation time. In addition, our scanning sprays are available as aerosols or in the form of a container, depending on the product type. Please note that you need an additional spray gun when using the container form. You can also find this from us:

The sublimating 3D scanning sprays are suitable for different materials:

  • Metals and non-metals
  • Thermoplastics such as PC, PP, PU or ABS
  • glass
  • ceramics
  • Polyester, cotton, PLA fibres
  • 1K paint, plastics, rubber


Material compatibility varies depending on the product and must be tested before use.


Comparison of our five type 1 scanning sprays

Our tip: In our comparison table you will find all properties and application recommendations for our type 1 sprays of the REFLECON® brand in a practical overview!

If you have any questions about the properties or compatibility of our products, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to advise you!


3D scanning objects: How to use our sublimating 3D scanning sprays?

The surface to which the REFLECON® brand sublimating scanning spray is to be applied must be clean and dust-free. Then proceed as follows:

  1. spray the spray onto the surface at a specified distance – please refer to the product information for the distance to be adhered to
  2. make sure to move the spray evenly in order to achieve a homogeneous and even coating
  3. wait a few seconds: The spray is wet at first, but the solvents evaporate after only a few seconds and the coating becomes a matting powder
  4. start scanning as soon as the coating is completely dry.

The coating will volatilise after a certain time and disappear from the surface without leaving any residue.

Affecting factors of sublimation time


Higher temperatures of Scanningspray, measuring object and ambient temperatures, here especially >30°C, reduce the sublimation time, lower temperatures increase the time.

Structure of surface

Rough surfaces increase the sublimation time, smooth surfaces reduce the time.

Thickness of Scanningspray layer

Applicate a thick layer of Scanningspray to increase the sublimation time enormously.

At a glance: The advantages of sublimating scanning sprays (type 1) of the REFLECON® brand

Do you have questions about our products of the REFLECON® Tarnish Type 1 series? Do you need expert advice on which product suits your application? Please contact us. We will be happy to help you!

Important information:

  • Contamination of measuring objects can cause residues of Scanningspray on the surface!
  • Please note that the state of aggregate changes at temperatures below 5°C. When the temperature rises up above 5°C the state of aggregate will normalize again.

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