Here you will find MR® UV lights as well as related products and information.

UV LED Technology at the Highest Level

UV lamps by MR® are based on the durable and energy-efficient LED technology and are designed for industrial applications.

The majority of the available lamps are classified at the enclosure protection level IP64 and protected from total dust ingress and water spray.
MR® UV lamps are primarily used for nondestructive crack detection (NDT). They are also used in research, medicine, criminology, and building renovation.

Use in these areas:

Advantages of MR®'s UV lights:

More information

DIN EN ISO 3059 - Non-destructive testing - Penetration testing and magnetic particle testing - Viewing conditions

UV lamps for fluorescent crack testing must meet certain criteria. These are defined in the standard DIN EN ISO 3059.

The wavelength must be 365 ± 5 nm, and the full width at half maximum (FWHM) should be 30 nm. In addition, the illumination should be homogenous.

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