About us -
the company

About us -
The company

We are MR Chemie and we make the invisible visible.

MR Chemie is a medium-sized family company based near Dortmund in Germany.
Over the last 50 years we formed our identity from a local supplier of industrial aerosol cleaner to a global player.

Today we are among the market leaders for high quality NDT consumables and equipment (MR®) and 3D Scanningspray (REFLECON®).
Our passion for success jointly with our customers made this sustainable journey possible.

We believe in new opportunities and better product solutions for our customers today and in the future.
Continuous improvement, application development and supply with a clear focus on the needs of our customers and the market is our key to success.


Titus Peltsch


Heiko Sorg

Sales Development & Key Account Manager

02303 / 951 51 – 28


Roman Dörn

Technical Sales Manager

02303 / 951 51 – 42


Phillip Reichow

Peter Renner

Can Akkas

Distribution Sales Manager

02303 / 951 51 – 44


Ralf Zeiberts

Distribution Sales Manager

040 / 76 97 39 36


Manuela Lietschulte

Regina Kadziela

Internal sales in Germany

02303 / 951 51 – 41


Monika Kwasny

Internal sales in Germany

02303 / 951 51 – 16


Karin Servient

Melanie Macht

Rafael Gonzaga

Internal sales export & customs clearance

02302 / 951 51 – 21


MR® Chemie International

In recent years, MR® Chemie has grown substantially, increasing its share of the international market many times over. Our distributors´ network covers most of Europe; our products can be obtained worldwide via competent and efficient partners.


You would like to purchase our products abroad? You would like to become our business partner? Please send us your inquiry and we will contact you shortly!

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