Code of conduct

A company must have its own rules - for this reason we base all of our business activities on our mission statement. This code of conduct forms the basis for our business success.

Since transparency plays an important role for us, you can download our code of conduct as a PDF.

Our managing directors
Sandra Jüngling & Carsten Renzing


Respectful cooperation in a spirit of partnership together with the conscious awareness of social and ethical responsibility form the basis for long-term corporate success.

To maintain this basis, it is imperative to ensure that unfair and unlawful conduct by employees, executives and members of the management of our company is excluded. Only in this way can we maintain long-term relationships of trust with our employees, customers, suppliers and investors and achieve sustainable growth for our company. Even individual unfair practices can jeopardise the economic success of the company as a whole.

Our compliance activities are, therefore, an integral part of our leadership and management structure and encompass all areas and units of the company.

In addition to statutory obligations and internal guidelines, this Code of Conduct defines the central corporate positions which all employees, executives and members of the management must observe and comply with. The Code of Conduct is intended to help all employees, executives and members of the management to identify and avoid compliancerelated risks in their daily work and to better understand why legally compliant and ethically sound conduct is indispensable.

All employees, executives and members of the management are required to comply with these rules and to seek advice in case of questions or doubts.

Any violation of the principles set forth below may have both internal and legal consequences.

Unna, January 2019

Management MR Chemie GmbH

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