Leak detection

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Using the bubble test procedure, vacuum leak detection units of the VSP series allow a fast and safe leak testing of the welding seams of containers, pipes and many other welded structures. With this testing method even castings can be checked for continuous discontinuities. VSP leak detection units and vacuum boxes are used for leak testing especially in cases when the test piece is accessible only from one side or if it is an open construction (such as the bottom of tanks or collecting basins). Under practical test conditions, the realizable leak detection limit of the bubble test procedure is approx. between 10-5 and 10-4 Pa*m3/s (10-4 to 10-3 mbar*l/s).

Vacuum boxes

When using VSP-units, the area to be tested (the welding seam or the casting surface) is moistened with a foam-forming inspection material, e.g. MR® 99 Leak detection spray Then the area is covered with a vacuum box. The vacuum box is connected to the leak detection unit by a vacuum hose and is evacuated very quickly. The break-proof inspection glass made of highly transparent, flexible plastic has a special soft rubber seal and is adapted to the geometry of the test area. The vacuum box is evacuated by a freely swivelling valve which seals in any orientation. The valve has a conical adapter for the 1/2″ vacuum hose. Under the inspection glass of the evacuated vacuum box foam shows up where air flows through continuous discontinuities. To ensure that even tiny leaks become visible the vacuum under the box must be maintained for at least 30 seconds.

VSP-Leak detection unit

Leak detection unit VSP 1TS

In order to evacuate larger vacum boxes immediately after attaching the hose, especially when using a long vacuum hose, the respective VSP-leak detection unit uses a high-powered vaccum pump with a suction power of up to 16 m3/h. The VSP-leak detection unit is built in a stable welded steel tube framework.

The low maintenance and robust construction of the VSP-leak detection units make them particularly suited for use on construction sites.

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