Reflecon TopoTrack – 2 in 1 Scanningspray

The Reflecon TopoTrack 2in1 scanning spray was developed to significantly minimise the process time of a 3D scan. The process time is not only reduced by eliminating the need to stick on and remove reference points, but also because you can guide your scanner over the object much faster.

Safe working

There are many aspects such as storage, handling (including transportation if necessary), but also the disposal of test equipment. Safety data sheets must also first be understood in order to ensure safe handling of test equipment. Ideally, it is better tob e safe than sorry.

Piccolo pen – Tested for cracks with a pen

Our pocket-sized penetrant system is the ideal solution when only small areas need to be inspected, the environment does not allow for contamination or known areas need to be inspected quickly.

“Work smart not hard“

The inspection with a hand magnet, especially in fluorescent crack testing, often presents a challenge to operational processes due to resulting waiting times in production. Additionally, the operation of the three essential components – hand magnet, testing material, and UV light – usually requires two hands constantly switching.