What do you have to look out for in the area of penetrant testing?

von D. Gralke, Technical Sales Manager, MR-Chemie

We often come to customers and are asked: "Are we doing it right or can we change or improve something here?". There are many aspects such as storage, handling (including transportation if necessary), but also the disposal of test equipment. Safety data sheets must also first be understood in order to ensure safe handling of test equipment. Ideally, foresight is always better than hindsight.

We have a solution for you.

What questions do we face?

The requirements for the correct handling of test equipment are numerous. This starts with storage. Simply placing test equipment somewhere and thinking “Et hätt noch jot jejangen” [It’s an old saying from the Cologne area, which means something like: “It’s always gone well so far”] can work, but there are often minor to major problems. You will know what I mean at the latest when an aerosol can of penetrant explodes in an open space and the whole room is pink then. The use of test equipment also has its pitfalls. Many testing agents are solvent-based, for example. Their handling needs to be learned. Ignition sparks, for example, when a welder goes into a container after the tester, can lead to serious accidents if a certain gas mixture is present in the container. Furthermore, driving a van to a construction site with a certain amount of test equipment could lead to unpleasant conversations with the police. 

This small list only describes acute cases. However, there are also long-term problems if, for example, the inspector works without the necessary PPE (personal protective equipment). The keywords here are UV radiation from UV lamps, skin reactions because gloves may not be worn when cleaning. The final point is disposal. Many customers often do not know how they can or should do this properly. Experience has shown that many products are often disposed more expensively than it might have been necessary. 

The main problem is that many users treat the products under the same conditions as at home. Transporting two gas cylinders for the caravan in a private car is not a big problem. Storing oil in the garage or aerosol cans in the bathroom is also possible. In this case the private individual bears the responsibility for this, not the company. We’ve all heard safety instructions for so many times. It just has to be done and that’s it. Be honest, how often would you rather look out of the window than watch the flight attendants put on a life jacket or explain to you how to fasten and unfasten the seat belts? 

There is also the question of what do I do if something doesn’t go according to plan? How do I behave correctly? 

Figure 1: Room after the "explosion" of an aerosol can with penetrant.
Figure 2: Different angle of the room after "exploding" an aerosol can with penetrant.


We offer to provide your employees with intensive in-house training on these topics. We adapt the scope (content and length) individually according to your wishes and suggestions – it is also possible to repeat the physical basics of the process. We look at your priorities and define a training program. We as manufacturer are neutral. In addition, it is also possible to carry out an application demonstration with the corresponding specifications. Product systems that are unknown can be demonstrated. We also deal with emergency situations. How do I behave, where can I get help, what should be considered? Here we go into more depth, if desired, to give the user a better feeling. 

Of course, you will receive a corresponding certificate from us with the contents of the training. 

If we have aroused your interest, we will be happy to get in touch with you. Write to us at post@mr-chemie.de.

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