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QPP 2-Circuit current pulse generators


The devices of the QPP series allow for a cost effective and fail-safe magnetic particle test for surface defects (such as cracks, blowholes, or pores) of magnetizable material, reducing the required amount of expandable material at the same time.

The test method uses two current impulse channels, which alternately produce high-current pulses on separate outputs. Thus, two orientations of surface defects can be tested simultaneously.

The area of application covers inspection for surface defects on ferromagnetic steel parts, e.g. welded joints, cast and forged items, grinded surfaces, cold- and hot-formed parts, hardened parts, and more.

Important note:
The suitability of QPP equipments has to be tested in every individual case in advance. Please contact us to arrange a personal appointment for demonstration.

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  • Clear indication using DC current pulses, alternatively using AC pulses
  • Reduction of false positives
  • Simultaneous inspection for longitudinal and crosswise defects by using two independent current sources for magnetization (using current flow though the probe or coils, or a combination of both)
  • Fast and efficient inspection of large structures and surfaces
  • Simultaneous inspection of multiple parts
  • Magnetization by current flow through the part or by use of coils, or by a combination of both methods
  • Mobile inspection is possible even under cramped conditions
  • Negligible generation of heat in the part under test
  • No problems with residual magnetism after test
  • Permanent surveillance of contact quality to avoid contact burn
  • Combined measuring of test current and magnetic field for both output channels.
  • Low energy consumption
  • Demagnetiziation


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