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Quality assurance - to the highest German standards

The company MR® Chemie GmbH operates all over the world and is a manufacturer of specialised innovative products and devices for surface crack testing.

Your competent partner in Non-Destructive Testing.

Microcracks can be detected quickly and precisely using various methods, including Penetrant and Magnetic Particle Testing.

In line with its corporate philosophy of "Providing maximum test-reliability and environmental compatibility for our clients", MR® Chemie is a company with a strong customer-orientation which develops, produces, bottles and delivers everything itself.

Its products and services are used by foundries and engineering, including high-end testing in the aviation and nuclear power industries.

As holders of a certificate according to EN ISO 9001:2000 we constantly monitor customer satisfaction levels. This feedback, plus our consistently increasing sales figures, confirm the high level of customer satisfaction in the quality and cost-effectiveness of MR® Chemie products.

We also use our customers' feedback as an opportunity for innovative problem-solving. We will gladly develop with you and for you product variants which correspond with your indiviudal requirements. Use our strength to your advantage!

MR® Chemie contributes notably to your safety!

Competent, flexible, customer-oriented, future-oriented - using environmental-friendly systems.

MR® Chemie – Quality guaranteed

MR® Chemie International

In recent years, MR® Chemie has grown substantially, increasing its share of the international market many times over. Our distributors´ network covers most of Europe; our products can be obtained worldwide via competent and efficient partners.

Distributors international

You would like to purchase our products abroad? You would like to become our business partner? Please send us your inquiry and we will contact you shortly!