Verification of penetrants

Verification of penetrants by the manufacturer

The standard EN ISO 3452-1:2014 Penetrant testing demands a yearly verification of the penetrant if it is repeatedly in use (e.g. in penetrant test lines, spraying equipment). Thus, a sample of the penetrant-in-use (200 ml) must be sent to the manufacturer or a suitable laboratory.

There, the physico-chemical parameters are recorded in a test report. The nominal values are specified by the manufacturer. If all parameters are fulfilled, the penetrant may remain in use.

Without verification the penetrant must be substituted by new penetrant.

Send us a 200 ml sample of your MR® Penetrant. We will test the sample and issue a test report.




186-70 L

Reexamination of the penetrant acc. to

EN ISO 3451-1 B.3.15 with 3.1 certificate