UV technology

MR® 5000 Variolight Art.-No. 5000


The UV area lamp MR® 5000 Variolight is a UV lamp of next generation specially manufactured according to customer requirements. This means that dimensions, amount of LED tubes and therefore the light distribution are variable.

Advantages of MR® 5000 Variolight compared with customary 400W UV lamp:

  • Fulfils the requirements of: EN ISO 3059:2013-03, ASTM E3022 and RRES 90061 Rev. 0 (Rolls-Royce)
  • Energy conservation of 80-85% through modern LED technology
  • No noise emission through cooling technology without fan
  • No heat emission
  • Very homogenous light distribution
  • Optional motion sensor for efficient operation
  • Optional dimming for regulation of UVA power


UVA power:
45 W/m²
light cone:
white light portion:
< 5 lx
365 nm
power supply:
mains operation