Magnetic particle inspection

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MR® 76 FR Magnetic powder suspension

General appearance and composition:

  • MR® 76 FR Magnetic powder suspension fluorescent serves to indicate cracks when performing magnetic particle inspection under UV-light
  • Medium particle size da = 1-3 µm
  • Green fluorescent
  • High brilliant
  • Sediment: 0,2 – 0,3 ml / 100 ml (1 h) (corresp. ASTM E 1444)
  • No hydrocarbons, not harmful to health
  • Oil based
  • Aerosol over head sprayable
  • No declaration of hazardous ingredients (at bulks)
  • Processing temperature +10 to +50°C


Environmental Properties:
ECO-LINE – no declaration of hazardous ingredients
ASTM E1444/1444M
ASME Code V, Art. 7
EN ISO 9934-2
Temperature Range:
+10°C to +50°C
Carrier Media:
Particle Size:
1-3 µm
yellow-green fluorescent
Delivery form:
Ready to use (bulk) (5 L, 10 L)
Aerosol (500 ml)


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