Magnetic particle inspection

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MR® 233 Dry powder, yellow

Product Description:

  • A highly refined nonfluorescent and fluorescent yellow magnetic powder
  • Used for dry method magnetic particle inspection
  • Designed to be used in visible light, black light and blue light to reveal discontinuities on fabricated components or weldments such as bridges, drill pipes, large tanks and machinery
  • Possesses a unique characteristic in that discontinuities in visible light are a distinct green and under black light or blue light the discontinuities fluorescent a sharp yellow
  • This specially iron based powder is designed to minimize "dustiness" and provide clear, sharp discontinuities. The decrease in dusting allows for a safer inspection area
  • Meets or exceeds AMS 3040 and all applicable industry specifications


Environmental Properties:
ECO-LINE – no declaration of hazardous ingredients
EN ISO 9934-2
ASME Code V, Art. 7
AMS 3040
ASME B & PV Code, Sec. V
ASTM E1444/1444M
Temperature Range:
Particle Size:
75 µm
yellow - fluorescent
Delivery form:
Dry Powder (1 kg, 10 kg, 30 kg)


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