AMS Approval - QPL listed

Red dye penetrant system acc. to ASTM E1417 - listed in QPL SAE AMS 2644 (QPL)

There are industries, which require AMS-specified products, especially in aerospace and oil & gas industries. MR Chemie has already AMS approved MPI consumables and decided to step in PT business. As a first step we submitted and successfully qualified our new PT red dye system to this demanding specification.

This new system received the approval AMS 2644 and is listed in the QPL SAE AMS 2644 now.

The system includes the following products.

Suitable Supplement:

TAM-Panels - "full-grit" & "polished" for functional control of the complete penetrant process

Intended use of the TAM panel:
The TAM panel serves the user in his PT tests for the functional control of the complete penetrant process.

The TAM Panel is a stainless steel plate. Half of the test surface is hard coated. Five crack centers are evenly spaced in the hard coated strip. The crack centers are circular patterns forming a star. The unplated portion of the TAM panel has been grit blasted to a uniform surface roughness ideally suitable for evaluating residual penetrant background characteristics. Ra = 1,5 μm (1.5 μm)

The penetrant to be checked is applied onto the entire surface of the TAM panel by immersing, spraying, or brushing. After the prescribed penetrant dwell time, the excess penetrant is removed. The excess penetrant removal depends on the typ of penetrant. Rinsing with water or spraying with water or solvent or immersion dip or other methods. Afterwards, the surface is dried. Finally, the developer is applied. Usually after 5 to 10 minutes, the evaluation is carried out. In the hard coated strip the judgement is based on the number of visible crack centers. The uncoated portion of the panel can be used to check the excess penetrant removal by evaluating the amount of remaining penetrant.

TAM-Panel Typ "polished" - TAM 146040-1 >> Art. G21 L
TAM-Panel Typ "full-grit" - TAM 146040-2 >> Art. G21-1 L

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