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PMUC "Produits et Matériaux Utilisables en Centrales"

Électricité de France SA has approved the following MR®-products for the

"Produits et Matériaux Utilisables en Centrales"

for deliveries to EDF-companies to be used in nuclear power stations:

Penetrant testing

  • MR® 68 C Penetrant red and fluorescent
  • MR® 68 NF Penetrant red and fluorescent
  • MR® 311 Penetrant red
  • MR® 70 Developer white
  • MR® 79 Special cleaner
  • MR® 85 Remover

Magnetic particle testing

  • MR® 71 Paint remover
  • MR® 72 White contrast paint
  • MR® 76 S Magnetic powder suspension, black
  • MR® 76 F Magnetic powder suspension, fluorescent
  • MR® 158 Magnetic powder concentrate, fluorescent

Ultrasonic testing

  • MR® 751 Special ultrasonic coupling agent

EDF does not provide special certificates, so if needed MR® Chemie can add a corresponding confirmation in the test reports.

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