REFLECON® tarnish - Type 1 - volatile Scanningsprays

REFLECON® Tarnish Type 1 Scanningsprays are volatile. They sublimate and evaporate residue-free.

Affecting factors of sublimation time:


Higher temperatures of Scanningspray, measuring object and ambient temperatures, here especially >30°C, reduce the sublimation time, lower temperatures increase the time.

Structure of surface:

Rough surfaces increase the sublimation time, smooth surfaces reduce the time.

Thickness of Scanningspray layer:

Applicate a thick layer of Scanningspray to increase the sublimation time enormously.

Important information:

  • Contamination of measuring objects can cause residues of Scanningspray on the surface!
  • Please note that the state of aggregate changes at temperatures below 5°C. When the temperature rises up above 5°C the state of aggregate will normalize again.

Material Suitability:

  • Metal and non-metal
  • Thermoplastic resins (PC, PP, PU or ABS)
  • Glass
  • Ceramic
  • Polyester, cotton , PLA fabrics
  • Single-component lacquer coatings, plastics, rubber: Suitability see product table