Supply situation and availability due to Coronavirus

Dear customers and business partners!

Like everyone else, we are following the latest developments regarding the spreading Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with great concern.  We all must cope with major challenges, both in our business and private environment.

As you have certainly experienced, many supply chains in industry are no longer as efficient as they used to be. In addition, important raw materials are running short and the supply and price situation is very tight.

Unfortunately, this also affects the raw materials Ethanol and IPA (isopropyl alcohol). Due to the global pandemic, the available quantities are mostly used in medicine and in the production of disinfectants. In addition, an important manufacturer of IPA registered force majeure a few months ago. Many industrial companies are trying to skip the trade levels in order to produce disinfectants themselves. Both raw materials are currently only available on the market to a limited extent and therefore prices will continue to rise rapidly.

As we use these two raw materials in our products, sometimes to a considerable extent, we unfortunately have to inform you today that we can only answer inquiries to a limited extent at the moment. All orders on hand will be checked by us as soon as possible and we will inform you to what extent the fulfilment of the order is possible at the desired time.  Furthermore, we must adjust our sales prices significantly at short notice in order to absorb the cost increases that have arisen on the raw materials side.

As you as a customer are used to from us, we will do everything possible to justify your trust in MR Chemie GmbH. We count on your understanding!

If you have any questions, please contact your MR sales partner or our sales staff.

Best regards

MR Chemie GmbH