Modern crack detection<br><span>MR</span><sup>®</sup>Chemie

Modern crack detection

The company MR® Chemie GmbH operates all over the world and is a manufacturer of specialised innovative products and devices for surface crack testing (Non-Destructive Testing NDT).

Challenge accepted!<br><span>MR</span><sup>®</sup>Chemie

Challenge accepted!

In teamwork with you we search for solutions for your individual test problems and offer suitable crack detection systems.

Everything from one source<br><span>MR</span><sup>®</sup>Chemie

Everything from one source

MR® Chemie offers a wide range of equipment for Penetrant Testing (PT) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), as well as services such as recalibration, repairs, maintenance and spare parts supply.

Filter system leakage test


MR®-ADI-Test is a fluorescent pigment powder, especially developed for leakage tests on filter systems.

Even the smallest leckages will be found quickly and easily with MR®-ADI-Test.

MR®-ADI-Test is available in three different colours. 


  • Water and moisture resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Fluorescent under UV light and at daylight
  • Particle size: 5 – 8 µm
  • Teperature stability: 180°C/5 min.
  • Decomposition: T > 300 °C
  • No declaration of hazardous ingredients - ECO-Line
  • Delivery form: 500 g, 5 kg

MR®-ADI-Test pigment powder fluorensce under UV light, at a wavelenght of 365 nm and at daylight.


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