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Material safety data sheets and product information

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Product name Product-
MR® 10 Aluminium-Spray
MR® 35 Trenn-/Gleitfix
MR® 33 Antispatter-Spray
MR® 65 WK Anti-Adhesion-Concentrate
MR® 65 Anti-Adhesion-Spray
MR® 67 Penetrant red and fluorescent
MR® 67 PS Penetrant red and fluorescent, Penetrant foam
MR® 67 DL Penetrant red and fluorescent
MR® 68 NF Penetrant red and fluorescent
MR 68 H Penetrant red
Piccolo-Pen MR® 68 C Penetrant red and fluorescen
MR® 68 C Penetrant red and fluorescent
MR® 70 Developer white
MR 70 H Developer white
Piccolo-Pen MR® 70 Developer, white
MR® 71 Paint remover
MR® 72 LS White contrast paint
MR® 72 White contrast paint
MR® 76 FH Magnetic powder suspension, fluorescent, system "hot"
MR® 76 S Magnetic powder suspension, black, ready for use
MR® 76 SH Magnetic powder suspension, black, system "hot"
MR® 76 F Magnetic powder fluid, fluorescent, ready for use
MR® 79 Remover
MR® 81 T-R Dry developer
MR® 82-R Flux oil
MR® 82 Flux oil
MR® 85 Remover
Piccolo-Pen MR® 88 Remover
MR® 88 Remover
MR 91 H Remover
MR® 99 Leak detection spray
MR® 99 A Leak detection spray
MR® 100 Zinc spray grey
MR® 102 Zinc spray silver-bright
MR® 110 Magnetic powder, fluorescent, 1:1000, oil and water suspendable
MR® 121 Magnetic powder concentrate, fluorescent, 1:200, water suspendable
MR® 131-R Magnetic powder concentrate
MR® 131-R GF Magnetic powder suspension
MR® 133-R Magnetic powder
MR® 156 Activated carbon
MR® 158-R Magnetic powder concentrate, fluorescent, 1:50, water suspendable
MR® 158 Magnetic powder
MR® 158-R GF Magnetic powder suspension, fluorescent, ready for use
MR® 200 Teflon*-Spray
MR® 210 Magnetic powder, black, 1:100, oil and water suspendable
MR® 220 Magnetic powder concentrate, black, 1:100, water suspendable
MR® 221 GF Magnetic powder suspension, black, ready for use
MR® 221 Magnetic powder concentrate, black, 1:50, water suspendable
MR® 225 Magnetic powder concentrate, black, 1:100, oil suspendable
MR® 300 Corrosion inhibitor
MR® 302 Corrosion inhibitor, concentrate
MR® 311-R Penetrant rot
MR® 312 Penetrant red and fluorescent
MR® 313 DL Penetrant red
MR® 313 Penetrant red
MR® 400 Wetting agent
MR® 411 Industrial remover
MR® 500 Anti-foam emulsion
MR® 602 Bactericide / Fungicide
MR® 670 F Penetrant fluorescent
Piccolo-Pen MR® 670 F Penetrant fluorescent
MR® 671 F Penetrant fluorescent
MR® 672 F Penetrant fluorescent
MR® 673 F Penetrant fluorescent
MR® 703 W Developer white, water based
MR® 721 White contrast paint aqueous
MR® 750 Ultrasonic coupling agent
MR® 751 Special Ultrasonic coupling agent
MR® 761 F Magnetic powder, suspension, fluorescent, high brilliance, ready for use
MR® 811 Marking paint white
MR® 822 Coupling oil
MR® 913 Leak detector concentrate
MR 1000 Anti-Reflex W
MR 2000 Anti-Reflex L
MR® Cliché-Spray
MR® Dissolver for residues of adhesives
Alka-Glitt Lubricant
Alkasil-Kompakt Lubricant
ALKA Trenn Kompaktspray
Lobosil silicon lubricant
Lobosil Oil 100 -- -- --
Lobosil Oil 350
Trennfix Anti-Spatter Spray, silicone-free
Residual Field Meter Magnetoscope

Equipment and UV lamps

Product name Product-
MR® 51 Hand yoke 230 V
MR® 56 Hand yoke
MR® 94 UV-YokeR
MR® 96 B Minilight
MR® 98 WAN Brilliant LED
MR® 365 PL UV-LED-Pocketlamp
MR® 375 PL UV-LED-Pocketlamp
MR® 8020 Hot-Air Equipment
ASTM centrifuge tube
Magnetic field strength meter MFM 200.6
Measuring instrument UVA/LUX
UV Intensity meter J221
Reference test block 2
Reference test block 1
Luxmeter Type LX1330B
M-AIR-Electronic HVLP air- spraying equipment
M-AIR-Compact N50R --
M-AIR-Compact N50 --
M-Air-Compact N6 --
M-Air-Compact N6Z --
QPP 3000 2-Circuit current puls generator
Residual field strength meter Magnetis
Steel plate C45
Test body acc. to Prof. Berthold
UV-Contrast control spectacles --
UV-Contrast control spectacles skylite blue --
Reference block type 2 --
Videoscope DN-2
Videoscope DN-4
Videosope DN-5
Reference block type 1
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